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Great Story telling, felt TONS of emotions, and never a dull momoent.

Keep up the great work. Your games are amazing

I know I'm late with this suggestion, but I'd have donated a few dollars for the game if there was an option.

Awesome game! just finished it! 3/3 endings lol


I'd just like to say I absolutely ADORED this beautiful game! I left more details about my thoughts on the Lemmasoft release thread, but I wanted to quickly leave a message here that to anyone who happens to stumble upon this comment, that if you're questioning whether to get this game--DO IT! Ceri's voice acting is spot on, the writing flows well with excellent wording IMHO, it's a very soothing and relaxing experience, and very satisfying. And it's free! What do you have to lose? I promise you'll find yourself melting. 

Thank you! I've read your thoughts in the Lemmasoft thread and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game that much!


I loved this! I'm Welsh so It was quite comical at times :'D This game is great, it made me feel strongly about the characters (which is rare for a game to do) Good job! :D

this is a wonderful game.i have not played the game fully yet, but i only stopped to comment. the game is beautiful! i cant believe its a free game! this game is a masterpiece in music. the tone of the music fits perfectly with what setting your in. i also really like that you can make your own story in a way with the option to say different things. Ceri is just to cute with her over all sense of loneliness. i felt good when i made her happy! if you are reading this stop, download this game right now, because i think its a story telling work of art.      


I knew I would love this game from the moment I booted up the game. As a fan of anime, the anime girl, Ceri, at the main menu made me want to start playing immediately. The game does an excellent job to make you start caring for the characters. I've never played a game that made you so invested so quickly. Also, the subject of the game and the circumstances are very easy to relate with. It's as if you're going through each scenario yourself. I can go on for hours expressing my love for the game but I would probably bore you guys to death. I recommend you play the game for yourself. It's really good! Also, if you want, you can watch my playthrough of the game below:

If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out my channel by clicking the link below:


This game only gets better as you progress. I love how easy it is to relate to the characters in the game. Well at least it is for me because I've had similar experiences in the past. I usually find games more enjoyable if you can relate to the characters you're playing as or interacting with in game. I really recommend you play it for yourself

Here's the second part to my playthrough if you wanna know what I mean:


I know I write here a lot but I can't get enough of this game. It's absolutely great. The road the game is going down is somewhat cliched but I can easily forgive it due to the fact that I can relate to the characters and the story. To me, when the player can relate to the characters in a game, it breaks the wall between the game and the players which makes the experience seem less like a playing video game and more like a reading story or famous novel. It's funny because this game is considered a visual novel haha. Like I said before, if you're interested in the game, make sure to give it a try.

If you want, you can check out part 3 of my playthrough below:


I love this game !!!

I'm glad you like it!


OMG you replied ! And i also have a question . Are you planing on making more games ? And also happy easter , i hope you are healthy and happy .

Thank you! I hope you're having a great Easter as well! :)

I do plan on making more games in the future, though I don't see myself releasing any free games for a while. Mainly because of the amount of money it costs to produce. SOHL cost around x10 as much as my first game, and I really want to improve the quality of what I produce further so I'd be looking to crowd-fund a few projects and then release them for a certain price.

That being said, I don't want to neglect the free VN market. When I first got into VNs I didn't have any money to buy any, so I was limited to a small selection of free titles. I would like to release something again for free in the future, it just wouldn't be anytime soon.

I'm also working on several other projects, though they're not my own. So if you did want to check out any of that progress then I do have a Twitter account @dssansVN if you have one and wanted to follow me.

How Long is this game

If you were to read the VN 100%, achieving all endings etc, then the total playtime would be between 2 - 3 hours depending on your reading speed.


Bravo! I thoroughly enjoyed this game! This has to be one of the best visual novels i've ever seen. Keep up the good work.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)


It's such a lovely game! I really enjoy it and actually do an Gameplay. I highly recommend it if you want to play a nice and cute romantic game for a welcomed change of pace. I love it


I'm glad you're liking it! I really appreciate any gameplay videos, so I'll be sure to check it out. :)


I would be honored if you check it out! :)